Water Wise Gardening

What can be done about our water-thirsty lawns and gardens?

Dennis Quinlivan, Fullerton’s landscape superintendent, shared some of his ideas for creating a beautiful garden while cutting back on your water use. Dennis created the stunning landscape in front of the Fullerton Police Department at the corner of Commonwealth and Highland.  With a series of slides that took us through the various phases of the project, Dennis explained site consideration, plant selection, topography design, garden access and many other steps involved in creating more water-wise gardens. Dennis also highlighted other sites he has designed and discussed how best to use drought tolerant plant material and water saving irrigation methods.

Preceding Dennis’s remarks, Dave Schickling, City of Fullerton’s Water Systems Manager, gabe a brief update on how the city is conserving water and what we can do to cut back on water use in our homes.

Door prizes were handed out to a few lucky attendees.