NUFF’s Endorsed Candidates for November 2018

Following the recent candidate forum held by NUFF at the Fullerton Public Library last week, NUFF’s membership participated in a survey to choose from among those candidates who had completed and returned the 2018 NUFF Candidate Questionnaire.

On the basis of a combination of their responses to the questionnaire and conversations with attendees at the forum, NUFF’s membership assessed the following candidates as the most qualified candidates for their respective races:

Congratulations to the endorsed candidates.  We are also immensely grateful to all of the candidates who submitted questionnaires and participated in the forum, and we commend each of them for their willingness to step forward  and serve our community.  For more information on all of the candidates and their questionnaire responses, click here.


Candidates for Fullerton Elective Offices in November ’18

In preparation for the NUFF Candidates’ Forum on October 1st, each of the declared candidates for each office was contacted and offered the opportunity to complete a questionnaire provided by NUFF designed to give our members a good feel for the philosophy and plans of candidates hoping to serve Fullerton as an elected official.

Below are the candidates who filed to run in each of the three elections being held for Fullerton local elective office: for Fullerton City Council, Fullerton Joint Union High School District, and Fullerton School District, sorted by district.  To see their answers to the questionnaire provided by NUFF, click on the link below the photos (not all of the candidates returned the questionnaire, as indicated).

Fullerton City Council

     District 3

Click for Greg Sebourn’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Jesus Silva’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Nickolas Wildstar’s NUFF Questionnaire

     District 5

Click for Vicki Calhoun’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Sabrina Narain’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for John Ybarra’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Ahmad Zahra’s NUFF Questionnaire

Fullerton Joint Union High School District

     Trustee Area 1

Click for Regina Cuadra’s NUFF Questionnaire

     Trustee Area 4

Click for Lauren Klatzker’s NUFF Questionnaire

     Trustee Area 5

Click for Marilyn Buchi’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Bridget Donoghue Vornholt’s NUFF Questionnaire

Fullerton School District (Elementary)

     Trustee Area 3

Click for Bev Berryman’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Jennifer Harris’s NUFF Questionnaire

     Trustee Area 4

Click for Janny Meyer’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Shana Charles’s NUFF Questionnaire

For the list of candidates who secured NUFF’s endorsement in each race, click here.