NUFF’s 2020 Endorsements

Based on the votes of its members, NUFF proudly endorses the following candidates in their respective races to represent Fullerton on the City Council and as its representative to the North Orange County Community College District Board. Thank you to all the candidates and residents who participated in NUFF’s recent candidate forum!


NUFF’s January Forum to Focus on Fullerton’s Priorities in 2019

Join us at 6:45pm on January 28th at the Fullerton Public Library for a moderated discussion exploring Fullerton’s civic priorities for the coming year.  Fullerton Mayor Jesus Silva, Fullerton City Manager Ken Domer, and Pathways of Hope’s Director of Programs Nishtha Mohendra will weigh in on priorities and planning around some of the key issues affecting governance and the quality of life in Fullerton in the coming year.

This is a great chance to make your voice heard and have your questions answered.  As part of the program, they will be taking questions from concerned Fullertonions like you.  What do you think are the top issues facing Fullerton in the coming year, and how should we as as a city best address them?


NUFF’s Endorsed Candidates for November 2018

Following the recent candidate forum held by NUFF at the Fullerton Public Library last week, NUFF’s membership participated in a survey to choose from among those candidates who had completed and returned the 2018 NUFF Candidate Questionnaire.

On the basis of a combination of their responses to the questionnaire and conversations with attendees at the forum, NUFF’s membership assessed the following candidates as the most qualified candidates for their respective races:

Congratulations to the endorsed candidates.  We are also immensely grateful to all of the candidates who submitted questionnaires and participated in the forum, and we commend each of them for their willingness to step forward  and serve our community.  For more information on all of the candidates and their questionnaire responses, click here.


Candidates for Fullerton Elective Offices in November ’18

In preparation for the NUFF Candidates’ Forum on October 1st, each of the declared candidates for each office was contacted and offered the opportunity to complete a questionnaire provided by NUFF designed to give our members a good feel for the philosophy and plans of candidates hoping to serve Fullerton as an elected official.

Below are the candidates who filed to run in each of the three elections being held for Fullerton local elective office: for Fullerton City Council, Fullerton Joint Union High School District, and Fullerton School District, sorted by district.  To see their answers to the questionnaire provided by NUFF, click on the link below the photos (not all of the candidates returned the questionnaire, as indicated).

Fullerton City Council

     District 3

Click for Greg Sebourn’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Jesus Silva’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Nickolas Wildstar’s NUFF Questionnaire

     District 5

Click for Vicki Calhoun’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Sabrina Narain’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for John Ybarra’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Ahmad Zahra’s NUFF Questionnaire

Fullerton Joint Union High School District

     Trustee Area 1

Click for Regina Cuadra’s NUFF Questionnaire

     Trustee Area 4

Click for Lauren Klatzker’s NUFF Questionnaire

     Trustee Area 5

Click for Marilyn Buchi’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Bridget Donoghue Vornholt’s NUFF Questionnaire

Fullerton School District (Elementary)

     Trustee Area 3

Click for Bev Berryman’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Jennifer Harris’s NUFF Questionnaire

     Trustee Area 4

Click for Janny Meyer’s NUFF Questionnaire

Click for Shana Charles’s NUFF Questionnaire

For the list of candidates who secured NUFF’s endorsement in each race, click here.


Annual NUFF meeting, Sunday July 9, 2017

At NUFF’s annual meeting, State Senator Josh Newman, Fullerton City Councilmember Jesus Silva, and Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva spoke and gave updates and insights into their respective offices.

Josh Newman speaking to group

State Senator Josh Newman speaking to group

Sharon_2873 Sharon_2872 Jesus_2869 Jesus_2861 Josh_2859 Betsy_2856


“Meet the Candidates” Forum on Monday, October 1st

On Monday, October 1st, NUFF hosted its traditional “Meet & Greet” at the Fullerton Public Library.  On hand were 18 of the 20 candidates running for elective office in Fullerton in the November elections.

Fullerton City Council: in the upcoming November election, two of the five council seats are up for election under Fullerton’s new system of elections by district.  As part of the program, Fullerton City Clerk provided an overview on the new district elections system and how it works.

Fullerton School Board Trustees: As of 2016, Fullerton’s School Board elections are also organized  by districts.  In November, there are a number of seats on both the high school and elementary school districts, and candidates for each of the seat will be on hand to discuss their plans and  goals for their respective districts.

The NUFF Candidate “Meet & Greet” was an ideal opportunity for NUFF members and other members of the Fullerton community to speak directly with the candidates, face-to-face, no long speeches, up close and personal, to make their own decisions on whom to support in November for these important positions.

For more information on the candidates, click here


March NUFF Forum: “Fullerton Infrastructure and You”

On March 28th, NUFF members and guests were treated to an informative and engaging presentaton from Joe Felz, Fullerton’s City Manager.

The quality and condition of a city’s infrastructure has a fundamental impact on its quality of life in ways that are both stark and subtle.  Joe provided a detailed and thorough overview of how over the past several years, the City has developed a comprehensive and multi-faceted plan for planning for current and future needs while also making needed repairs to the city’s aging infrastructure.

At the end of the presentation, members of the audience submitted questions, which Joe answered with his usual combination of candor and good humor.

You can download a copy of Joe’s presentation by clicking on the link below:

March NUFF Forum_Fullerton’s Infrastructure and You_Joe Felz Presentation_28Mar16

Thanks again, Joe Felz, for both your willingness to make the time for the March NUFF Forum and for your contributions and continued dedication to the City of Fullerton overall.

Minard and Betsy at March Meeting

Also as part of the March meeting, NUFF was pleased to have the opportunity to recognize another significant contributor to Fullerton’s civic life.

Minard’s many contributions and achievement’s over nearly a half-century of service to both the Fullerton school system and to the larger Fullerton as whole.  The NUFF board emphatically salutes Minard’s commitment, energy, and spirit, and the city of Fullerton is clearly the better for it.


January NUFF Forum: “College Town – What? Where? Why?”

Information about a significant new plan for Fullerton’s east side was shared at the recent NUFF forum on Monday, January 25th, at the Library in our regular location, the Osborne Memorial Room.

Change and design are never easy; some things are lost while others are gained. As Fullerton grows and gradually changes, the City guides development through plans designed to promote orderly growth, adherence to laws and regulations, and respect for the city’s heritage as well as the interests and needs of the residents. Changes to parts of the City are guided by the General Plan and by Specific Plans, all of which are created over time and with consideration of many inputs.

Due to needs for increased enrollments, traffic mitigation, and housing issues, the City and the universities have been reviewing ways to enhance the area south of these colleges; the area is roughly bordered by Nutwood, Chapman, State College and the 57 Freeway.

At the NUFF forum on January 25th, Karen Haluza, Director of Community Development, Planning Project Manager Heather Allen and representatives from the universities explained the details of the proposed CollegeTown Specific Plan and took questions from the audience following their presentation.

In the original “College Town” plan, City staff had developed a Specific Plan for the area, which was subsequently formally taken up and reviewed by the City of Fullerton Planning Commission in February. If it had been implemented as proposed, the “Collegetown” plan would have a substantial impact on the area around the CSUF campus.  However, based in part on community input at that meeteing, the Collegetown Specific Plan was ultimately not approved as drafted.  Planning staff and the Commission plan to revisit the matter at a later date.



Homelessness: Next Steps for Fullerton?

The topic of the September 21st NUFF Forum was “Homelessness: Next Steps for Fullerton?”

Like virtually every city in California, Fullerton continues to wrestle with how best to address the issue of homelessness. Those in positions of responsibility confront the challenge of how to balance their statutory obligations to promote the safety and prosperity of Fullerton’s residents and businesses against our shared moral obligation to the least fortunate among us. On such a complex issue, there are a range of perspectives and, quite often, high levels of passion. And while even close friends may disagree on the subject, all would agree there are no easy answers.

The September 21st NUFF Forum featured a panel of local leaders who have dealt directly with the issue of homelessness and its many facets: County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, former Assemblywoman and Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva, Officer Mike McCaskill of the Fullerton Police Department, and Maria Mazzenga Avellaneda, Executive Director for Pathways of Hope, a community-based non-profit based in Fullerton.

An informative, spirited moderated panel discussion was followed by questions from the audience.  Of particular interest at the time was the pending vote on a proposed year-round multi-service center for the homeless to be located in Anaheim, which was subsequently approved by the County Board of Supervisors.

Thank you to the panelists for making the time to participate, those who attended who made this NUFF forum a success, and to the Fullerton Library staff who supported the event with their usual mix of resourcefulness and good humor.