The topic of the September 21st NUFF Forum was “Homelessness: Next Steps for Fullerton?”

Like virtually every city in California, Fullerton continues to wrestle with how best to address the issue of homelessness. Those in positions of responsibility confront the challenge of how to balance their statutory obligations to promote the safety and prosperity of Fullerton’s residents and businesses against our shared moral obligation to the least fortunate among us. On such a complex issue, there are a range of perspectives and, quite often, high levels of passion. And while even close friends may disagree on the subject, all would agree there are no easy answers.

The September 21st NUFF Forum featured a panel of local leaders who have dealt directly with the issue of homelessness and its many facets: County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, former Assemblywoman and Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva, Officer Mike McCaskill of the Fullerton Police Department, and Maria Mazzenga Avellaneda, Executive Director for Pathways of Hope, a community-based non-profit based in Fullerton.

An informative, spirited moderated panel discussion was followed by questions from the audience.  Of particular interest at the time was the pending vote on a proposed year-round multi-service center for the homeless to be located in Anaheim, which was subsequently approved by the County Board of Supervisors.

Thank you to the panelists for making the time to participate, those who attended who made this NUFF forum a success, and to the Fullerton Library staff who supported the event with their usual mix of resourcefulness and good humor.